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Free Download Song Waiting For The End Linkin Park

At the Vienna show on the Post Traumatic Tour, Mike said, "We were listening to the album version of this next song before the show and as we were listening to it we were kind of singing along a little bit and I was just really just enjoying the sound of Chester's voice on it. It's just so good. And I remember - this is actually the song, the way we do it here is a mashup so it's two different songs - but the first thing you'll hear is the Linkin Park song, and I remember what happened was when we were working on the song that this part that we play here was the track. That was the beat that I had made on my laptop and I had a cool rap verse over it that I really liked it, but it wasn't a song, it wasn't really the thing. And sometimes there were these moments. A lot of times he would bring me things and he would be like, you know, 'What do you think of this? What do you think of this?' And he was really deferring to me. He was waiting for me to say 'Oh yeah, that's the one, that's really good' And because a lot of times it was like I bring him stuff, I'd be like 'That's great,' you know. 'Sing it.' And once in a while he would bring something in that was really cool. I was playing the beat and he was like 'Oh man, I had this thing that I recorded the other day.' He pulls out his phone and he's flipping through little things that he recorded on his phone. And the moment he pressed play I was like 'Oh wow! That's the song!' Like 'That's what this song is missing!' And that's the beauty of when you're working with other friends, when you're working with other writers, other people who make music who come with something special and something magical. It wasn't even in the way necessarily that he sang it. Was just the idea of it. It was just so pure and so great."[9]

Free Download Song Waiting For The End Linkin Park

On September 14, 2020 while listening to the album on his stream, Mike said: ""Waiting For The End" had its issues too... I knew that it was good, and I was intimidated by diving into it and I didn't want to screw it up. I remember having the beat and most of the sounds and rapping over that, which became the bridge. I kept waiting for certain things, something to pop up that I could stick in the song and jump off of that point. And then Chester brought in the 'Waiting for the end' vocal line and then I was like, 'Yo, now that is the song.' But it wasn't pulling our hair out trying to get it right, that was really being patient for the right pieces to come together."[12]

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According to Genius, "The verse lyrics emerged from a free-writing exercise performed by Chester Bennington: he wrote them to no music, no beat. Mike Shinoda and Don Gilmore liked them a lot, and the guys decided this was the song to work them into."

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