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Please feel free to visit us at our 3200 Carr St. entrance Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 5pm to adopt a pet. BARC is closed for adoptions on Mondays. Please note that animal adoptions remain first come, first serve. Facial coverings and social distancing is recommended while visiting the shelter.



Let Petco store associates be your post-adoption support network. Petco's Welcome to the Family New Pet Parent Starter Guide provides new pet parents substantial benefits with hundreds of dollars worth of coupons for everything a new pet needs. And our Petco store partners will be there today, and every day, to answer all those new pet parent questions and make sure every adoption is a successful one.

So you want to add a family member? There is no better way than to adopt a shelter pet and give him or her a second chance. The Nebraska Humane Society is an open-entry shelter welcoming dogs, cats, small critters, horses and even barnyard buddies on a daily basis. While a majority of animals are housed at the main campus, some are too sensitive to be in our general adopt kennels, some are convalescing in foster homes and our horses are off-site at the Star Equine Rehabilitation Facility. You can browse available animals on our website or visit most of them in person at our campus at 90th and Fort streets.

Adopting an animal is a rewarding experience for both you and your new pet. Millions of animals are left homeless each year. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, consider adopting a homeless animal from Fort Bend County Animal Services.

FBCAS is your best source when looking for a pet. Not only do we have a great selection of adult animals for adoption, but we also have kittens, puppies and purebred animals. On average, purebreds account for about 25 to 30 percent of our dog population. Here is where you can find all of our available pets.

If the animal is available and already spayed or neutered, you can complete your adoption and bring your new pet home. If your pet needs to be altered, you will come and pick up your pet after it has been altered.

Some of our animals may be at a foster home. Unlike pets at the shelter, pets in our foster program are not on a first come first serve basis; the foster has the first right to adopt the pet. Please contact us at 281-342-1512 for more information about our pets in foster.

Service members with at least 190 days in the service are welcome to utilize this partnership. You could adopt for free if you are looking to adopt one of the following: dog or cat, at least 2 years of age Or dog or cat with special needs Or dog or cat homeless 6 months+ Or a dog 40+ pounds at adoptionTo adopt through this program, click

Denver Animal Shelter has many wonderful animals available for adoption! View our online database of adoptable pets or stop by to see our animals in person. We constantly have new animals coming to the shelter. Keep in mind that adoptions occur frequently and we can not guarantee the availability of an animal listed online.

Our goal is to work with you to find the right pet for your family! Within 90 days of adoption, if your new pet is not working out, return to the shelter and exchange your pet for another furry friend. You will have 90 days from the exchange date to choose another pet.

To assist Denver Animal Shelter in the placement of homeless animals, we have several cooperative partnerships with Colorado rescues groups, humane societies, and shelters. These partners assist us by giving these transfer animals extra care prior to placing them up for adoption. Interested in joining our transfer partner network? Please email to get started!

Thank you for considering pet adoption! Adopting a shelter animal can be a very rewarding experience. At RASKC, our mission is to place healthy and treatable adoptable pets into permanent homes. We welcome all adopters and aim to find a great match for every customer by providing as much information as we can about each animal, and ultimately allowing each adopter to make the final decision about what is right for their family. Our goal is to be a resource for you throughout the life of your new pet and beyond!

Interested in visiting with a pet from a foster home? Complete the Foster Interest eForm. Upon completing this form, a copy will be sent to the foster volunteer. A foster volunteer will contact interested parties in the order the forms were received. Due to the current pandemic, we ask that fosters and interested adopters limit contact by using no-physical-contact tools to engage and interact with a pet (email, photos, videos, text, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).

Please note: completing the eForm does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt the available pet. We ask that you continue to check the listing of adoptable pets. Should there be a pet whose profile is no longer listed, we ask that you keep your heart open to other pets that may still be looking for their forever home.

  • If after connecting with a pet's foster parent you both feel that the pet is a good match for you, the adopter can go ahead and finalize the adoption by filling out the following forms and payment: Adoption Processing eForm

Adoptions at partner stores are coordinated on a "first-come, first-served" basis. You can view animals that are at our partner store adoption centers online either by using the filter function and searching by location or by noting their location in the individual animal's bio.

If after meeting the animal with a partner store representative and you both feel that the pet is a good match for you, the adopter can go ahead and finalize the adoption by filling out the following forms and payment:

Each animal at RASKC is assigned a color to give our adopters a little more information about their personality. Please note that as each animal spends more time with us, their personality can evolve and their color may change. These colors are general guidelines intended to help you find the right fit for your family and lifestyle! Review the three adoption colors below to find the personality description that best fits what you are looking for in your new family member!

Yes! Our adoption team will do everything they can to help ensure success for you and your new family member. However, we understand that sometimes an adoption may not work out as planned. If you need to bring your new pet back for any reason, you can return your pet to RASKC at any time. If your return is within 90 days of the adoption, we will refund your adoption fee.

Anne Arundel County Animal Control is partners with "Pets for Patriots" a nonprofit organization that creates unique opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting homeless adult dogs and cats.

As is the standard adoption protocol, animals are available on a first come, first served basis following interaction with the pet. animal services does not offer any holds for pets in advance of visiting the shelter in person.

Please be advised the shelter concludes adoption interactions 15 minutes prior to close, to allow sufficient time for completion of adoption paperwork. visitors aiming to visit the shelter near end of day are encouraged to do so at least 30 minutes prior to close.

Animal Services instead recommends slow and controlled introductions between newly adopted pets and resident pets, after keeping them apart for at least a week to allow the new pet adequate time to decompress.

Orange County Animal Services operates on a first come, first served basis to provide an equal opportunity to all interested adopters. We do not offer holds; we handle adoption paperwork following interaction with the pet.

Our adoption contract requires adopters to keep newly adopted animals separate from resident pets for at least a week, to provide time for decompression. This helps the new pet adjust to the home and can better help friendships form among the animals. We also require adopters take their new pet to a veterinarian of their choosing, and at their expense, within 72 hours of adoption for a full screening. This helps begin the relationship between pet, owner and healthcare provider that will be beneficial for years to come.

Animal Services may disqualify an individual for adopting if they have recent animal-related citations, previous convictions for animal cruelty or neglect, have recently returned or surrendered a pet or have already adopted several pets within a short timeframe. Each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis following review of the information in our system.

If you ultimately decide you cannot keep the pet, he or she can be returned to our shelter. If you live outside of Orange County and it has been more than 30 days since adoption, you will need to surrender the pet to your local shelter.

Orange County Animal Services is proud to have an active foster care program and is always seeking to recruit new foster parents to the team. One must first register as a foster parent and attend online orientation before becoming eligible to foster. Once on board, the shelter sends out emails for select pets in need of foster care, those that are too young for adoption, sick, injured or in need of short-term socialization help. Most of the pets in need of foster care are cats and kittens.

All dogs and cats, eight weeks of age or older, adopted from the City will be surgically sterilized prior to their release to their new owner/guardian. A private, California-licensed veterinarian will perform the surgery. The sterilization deposit included in the adoption fee will be applied towards the cost of the surgery. The veterinarian will give your dog or cat a physical examination prior to surgery to determine if the animal is fit for surgery and will contact you with instructions if it is determined that your dog or cat should not have surgery at this time. 041b061a72


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