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Jigsaw Interactive: The Ultimate Virtual Learning Environment

Have you played this game? You can rate this game, record that you've played it, or put it on your wish list after you log in. Playlists and Wishlists RSS Feeds New member reviews Updates to downloadable files All updates to this page Jigsaw by Graham Nelson Time Travel/Historical/Romance 1995 (based on 76 ratings)6 reviews About the Story New Year's Eve, 1999, a quarter to midnight and where else to be but Century Park! Fireworks cascade across the sky, your stomach rumbles uneasily, music and lasers howl across the parkland... Not exactly your ideal party (especially as that rather attractive stranger in black has slipped back into the crowds) - but cheer up, you won't live to see the next. [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

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A whirlwind tour of the 20th century. Hunt for the jigsaw pieces that allow you to travel trough time, following a charming stranger who wants to "improve" history. Huge, difficult, exceptionally well-crafted. Lots of detailed research went into this game. The environment is highly interactive, with some extremely detailed gadgets (such as Alan Turing's Enigma machine.) Surprisingly enough, Mr. Nelson also found time to include some romance - and the love interest is that charming stranger whose plans you're foiling. The game is divided into partially-ordered chapters, which are mostly, but not entirely, self-contained. Trinity's influence is obvious in the layout: a central strange and fantastic land, from which you can temporarily escape to the past. Three warnings: Some of the puzzles are very difficult indeed (one requires elementary knowledge of Proust!), many of the chapters have time limits, and it is possible to lock yourself out of victory without realizing it. (For that last point: The Kaldecki Detector found on the Titanic helps a lot.) Has a crucial dependence on character graphics.-- Carl MuckenhouptXyzzy NewsStructurally, the game is laid out into sixteen sections. Finishing one chapter provides the means to enter the next. The mostly linear progression helps preserve the illusion of a story in progress, instead of being a jumbled collection of get-the-bird-scare-the-snake hoops through which to jump. The puzzles themselves are challenging without being insurmountable; players looking primarily for mind-bogglers will probably be disappointed, at least in the earlier chapters. Some of them rely on the player looking in just the right place for an item. Most are logical and straightforward, even if the right answer is not obvious. It's also very interesting to play through a puzzle or an NPC interaction more than once, trying different things, to see wildly different results.See the full reviewSynTaxIt's certainly a vast, interesting, well-written game, but is it really enjoyable? Dunno. [...] To sum up, I suppose for me Jigsaw's attempt to be different is its downfall - its seriousness and sombre mood means there are no light touches, and even a few attempts at humour provide only a brief interruption to the overall feeling of worry about what mess will be waiting to be cleared up in the next zone, after Black has done his/her usual meddling.See the full reviewSPAG[Reviews by Christopher E. Forman, Adam J. Thornton and Gareth Rees]See the full reviewTags - View the most common tags (What's a tag?)

Welcome to,an ever-growing collection of free online jigsaw puzzles. Albums on the left have hundreds of free jigsaw puzzles already - feel free to explore and play it all. Or, bookmark and check this page daily for a cool Puzzle of the Day!

Looking for more? Get Everyday Jigsaw, free jigsaw puzzle game that'll rock your world. Play on all your computers and mobiles, online or offline, 30'000 puzzles with up to thousands of pieces:

Welcome to I'm a Puzzle, where you can play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free. You can find picture puzzles of all types. Try our puzzle of the day or explore our categories of puzzles. To play, simply drag and drop the jigsaw puzzle pieces together.

The free Christmas jigsaw puzzles we offer you are great fun for long autumn and winter evenings, which you can spend together with your loved ones, enjoying the beautiful Christmas-themed winter pictures. We run several entertaining puzzle websites and all of them are very popular, which motivates us tremendously to continue our work. We are constantly working on the development of the software so that our customers are fully satisfied with the services we offer them.

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle brings a lot of benefits, such as relaxation, soothing nerves, getting away from everyday problems and worries, and fostering creative imagination, perceptiveness, creative thinking and concentration. That's what our online Christmas jigsaw puzzles are, attracting the eyes and attention not only of children longing for presents and a Christmas tree, but also of adults who appreciate the traditions and atmosphere of this holiday.

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Jigsaw puzzles have a positive effect on memorization, improving mental clarity. Such attractions should be used as often as possible by children and teenagers, so that they function perfectly in the school reality and do not have problems with learning. Christmas jigsaw puzzles for children online, unlike traditional cardboard boxes, will never get lost or damaged, so they can confidently be recommended for play even to the youngest customers. Also seniors will appreciate online jigsaw puzzles with Christmas themes, thanks to which they will feel the magic of Christmas and develop perceptiveness, visual memory and attention so important for their comfortable functioning.

Stacking puzzles perfectly removes from the player all the problems and dilemmas of everyday life, facilitating relaxation and rest. Matching the right puzzle pieces forces the brain to concentrate around finding the right puzzle, pushing away worrisome issues from the player. This is what makes the online Christmas jigsaw puzzles from our offer so great for the mood and comfort of those who put them together. This kind of activity is not only perfectly relaxing, but also strengthens family ties, bringing together family members who do not find much time to play together on a daily basis.

The online Christmas puzzles we offer you are an effective way to stimulate the brain, improve attention, visual memory and have fun at the computer. No other game brings so many positive emotions and sensations and advantages as arranging pictures of colorful Christmas puzzles. Our jigsaw puzzles are sure to interest younger and those older children, wonderfully training their minds and reducing feelings of anxiety, restlessness, stress and tension.

Most of today's people, whether adults, children or teenagers in their school years, experience stress every day. The computer games that kids younger and older reach for are usually filled with violence and aggressive behavior, which instead of relaxing young people only increases their anxiety and stress. Free Christmas jigsaw puzzles from our offer, have a positive effect on the mood, making it easier to get rid of nerves and stress, relaxing and relaxing the mind and body.

While assembling the puzzle, the brain is focused on a particular picture of the puzzle, so all the problems and dilemmas that plague players go away, at least for a short while, making it easier to calm down and achieve peace. Thanks to them, you can effectively relax, because they have a beneficial effect not only on the psyche of the player, but also on his physical state, balancing breathing, heartbeat or blood pressure. Therefore, without hesitation, we can recommend our online Christmas puzzles for children to develop their visual memory, attention concentration and perceptiveness and bring them closer to the awaited Christmas. With the help of online Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles, your kids will spend valuable moments in front of the computer, taking care of an efficient, clear mind and enjoying the healthy competition that our entertaining puzzle websites guarantee.

Puzzle Factory is a place where you can infinitely play assembling online jigsaw puzzles and create new ones from your own pictures. Finally you can make interactive jigsaw puzzle from a photo of your pet or favorite movie and send it to your friends. Please note this site is mainly for children so all improper and unlawful pictures will be removed. Visit Help if you have any questions. For more information please read our Terms of use. More about us....

All of these can be played using the mouse, a touch screen, an interactive whiteboard or by using one or two switches such as the Ablenet switches from our catalogue. (Switches allow players who cannot use the mouse, a touch screen or the keyboard to play as well.)

You can now add your own music or personalised voice message to go with each picture. Now players can make a jigsaw puzzle of their favourite pop star, then hear their latest hit as a reward. Alternatively, those adding pictures of their family or school can also add some voiceover commentary to go with them. This feature makes SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 very rewarding for students who may find it difficult to provide evidence of achievement by traditional methods.

This useful PowerPoint template was designed following feedback from our jigsaw puzzle template. After you download it for free it is easy to edit and add new pieces due to it being a vector, with the added bonus of being able to customise it with your own text or images.

Explore the halls of your stately mansion, whose paintings come to life! Utilizing intuitive multi-touch controls and 360-degree piece rotation, Jigsaw Mansion 2 brings the complete jigsaw experience to your fingertips!

Welcome to our amazing collection of easy jigsaw puzzles designed to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours! Our platform offers a vast selection of online puzzles for kids, ensuring that they can find their favorite images while developing essential problem-solving skills.


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