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Buy Tudor Black Bay ^NEW^

The various 41mm Tudor Black Bay Dive watches are the next most affordable options; however among even these, there exists a decent range in price depending on traits like size (39mm vs. 41mm), movement type (ETA vs. in-house, date vs. no-date), color (red, blue, black), materials/finishing (steel, black PVD, steel and gold), and bracelet style. While all these models are accompanied by noticeably different prices when purchased at retail, the price difference between the different variations becomes less significant on the secondary market.

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The Tudor Black Bay 36 is the mid-sized version of the non-dive watch Black Bay models. Like its name suggests, the Tudor Black Bay 36 has a case diameter of 36mm, and it is powered by a time-only, ETA-based automatic movement. Boasting a 150m depth rating, available in either stainless steel or two-tone, and offered with a black, blue, or champagne-colored dial, along with a variety of different strap and bracelet options, the Tudor Black Bay 36 is a perfect everyday watch that is built to the highest possible standards.

Other Tudor Black Bay watches have a more daring look to them and typically use new materials in addition to stainless steel and may have an added complication or function. This is the case with the Black Bay Chrono and Black Bay GMT. The Black Bay Dark boasts a striking matte black PVD coating, while the much sought-after Black Bay Bronze is crafted in bronze. Then there are the more classic-looking Black Bay watches that are simple, time-only pieces. They are offered in unisex sizes, including Black Bay 41, Black Bay 36 and Black Bay 32.

The beautiful burgundy dial Black Bay was followed in 2014 with the Black Bay Blue and then in 2015 by the Black Bay Black. The burgundy bezel really stood out as not a lot of watches come in this color; so for those who wanted a confident yet understated watch, the blue and black bezel were welcome additions.

With the available colours including red with gilt, blue bezel without gilt and the black bezel red triangle model, there was a good choice of design. The ETA versions, featuring the signature rose on the dial, became especially popular. Tudor gained more power on the market as a result.

The first Heritage Black Bay models had the reference number 79220, with a letter to represent the colour of the bezel. The three colours at the launch - blue, red and black - were represented by the letters B, R and N (Noir).

Launching at Watches & Wonders 2022 alongside the Black Bay GMT S&G Editions was another sporty take on a travel watch within the Black Bay family, the Black Bay Pro, which differs from the more colorful GMT models in its use of a stationary, satin-finished steel bezel with engraved numerals for its 24-hour GMT scale. The movement is the same automatic MT5662 that beats inside the Black Bay GMT, but the case is a more understated 39mm and the central hand that points to a second time zone is in yellow rather than red, offering an even greater contrast with the matte black dial.

The Black Bay has, next to a red bezel, a version in blue, known as the Black Bay Blue. Its the polar opposite (forgive the pun) to the warmer colours that generally dominate other Tudor types. Since 2015, theres also a version in black. Regardless of the colour, the case is made of steel. Just as youd expect from a tool watch with Submariner roots.

The Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G (reference M79833MN) is now available from retailers. It is priced at EUR 5,230 or CHF 5,300 on a metallic bracelet and EUR 4,040 or CHF 4,100 on one of the straps. For more details, please visit 041b061a72


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