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D30 Sandbox Companion Pdf Download

d30 Sandbox Companion PDF Download

If you are a fan of old-school role-playing games and sandbox campaigns, you might be interested in the d30 Sandbox Companion, a supplement that offers a compilation of d30-based mechanics, charts, and tables to support and simplify the role of the DM. Whether you are starting an adventure from scratch, filling in the details of a campaign world, or just struggling to keep up with your players, this book will provide you with a host of tools and resources to make your sandbox game more fun and immersive.

The d30 Sandbox Companion is written by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr., the creator of the popular d30 DM Companion, which focuses on dungeon stocking and generation. The d30 Sandbox Companion expands on the d30 system and covers topics such as wilderness features, encounters, locations, settlements, NPCs, sages, henchmen, treasure, and more. The book is compatible with classic D&D and OSR games, such as Oe D&D, 1e AD&D, BX D&D, Swords & Wizardry, OSRIC, and Labyrinth Lord.


The d30 Sandbox Companion is available in PDF format from [OneBookShelf], the online marketplace for RPG products. You can purchase it for $4.95 and download it instantly. The PDF is 52 pages long and has a watermarked cover. You can also preview some of the pages before buying it.

If you are looking for more d30-based products, you can also check out the [d30 DM Companion], which is also available from OneBookShelf for $3.00. The d30 DM Companion is 32 pages long and contains d30 tables for character generation, dungeon features, traps, monsters, treasure, and more.

The d30 system is a simple and elegant way to add some randomness and variety to your sandbox game. With the d30 Sandbox Companion and the d30 DM Companion, you will have everything you need to create exciting adventures and memorable worlds for your players. So grab your d30 dice and get ready to explore the infinite possibilities of the sandbox!


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